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    Terroni is inspired by the Southerners of Italy (Terroni is a derogatory term meaning “Southerner’s” in Italian) - fiery, intense and earthy. The terrain in the south was created by a burning volcanic lava swallowing the surface underneath. “There’s something powerful and fulfilling about putting your hands in the soil, the feeling that you’ve got all of the roots in your hands and knowing that the Earth belongs to all of us". In order to develop a natural beauty one needs to bind with traditions and grow strong roots to maintain the true light of Self. The roots play a strong part in the growth and development of a character. This fragrance encourages us to look inside and think about our roots, where we have come from and how that can shape and makes us who we are today. Terroni is, foremost, a fragrance that celebrates the earth in all of its power. This fragrance is dedicated to all of the people from the south who seem to be rooted in tradition, family, food and most importantly earth and fire. Vincenzo (Alessandro’s grandfather) was from the south of Italy; he always had his hands in the dirt/earth fertilizing the garden. Inspired by the molten lava that bubbles beneath the earth's surface, Terroni is an intense, fiery fragrance for those with passion at their roots. Bursting with ferocious doses of spice, smoke, earth and deep, musky woods, Terroni is an explosive fragrance with a lid made of the volcanic ash that Gaultieri sites in his inspiration.

    Extract 50ml