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    Slim Wallet With Tile Brown

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    The Nomad Slim Wallet with Tile was designed to be the only wallet you’ll ever need. Slim Wallet can carry 12 cards and has a stealth pocket that hides a Tile Slim. The integrated Tile Slim uses advanced Bluetooth and crowdsourcing location technology to help you keep track of your wallet so that you never lose it. We’ve used our signature, American-made, Horween leather for Slim Wallet. This minimally treated, vegetable tanned leather is crafted to patina over time, ensuring it develops a look that is uniquely yours.

    Integrated Tile Slim for location tracking

    Hidden sleeve to secure Tile

    Slim Holds 7 cards comfortably with 2 cash pockets

    Minimalist slim design Horween leather from the USA

    Develops a rugged patina