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    Skinwp Burnt Orange Tee

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    Italian excellence, the only acceptable standard for Crossley. Work done with care and an almost maniacal attention to detail give an added value to this company Experience and continuous research give life to a unique style that goes beyond appearance. To the touch and through deeper contact each garment tells of an exclusive product, truly unique in style and form. Eterinty, an exceptional basic 80% pure cotton and 20% cashmere line luxuriously comfortable. Eternitee iconic piece is the sharkey an unique serafino tee that could be worn alone or under a shirt it is an indispensable second skin. Sharkey was exposed at the Cabinet of Curiosities in december 2103 due to its unique quolities. Eternitee line offers countless other styles, for those who like change, but especially for people who like to reinvent their look from day to day with daring new combinations.