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    White Mountaineering

    Knitted Solotex Stretched shirt

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    BLK series tech shirt. The body and armholes are spacious, and the silhouette is set to fit comfortably while maintaining a relaxed fit.
    The front body is a stretchy mesh material. It has a distinctive texture and is characterized by an elegant luster.
    From the gusset under the armpit to the back body, we have deployed chambray-like functional materials with stretchability and cool contact function.
    In addition to the original pattern work that considers the movement factors, convenience such as hidden pockets on both chests is also added.
    With a specific wing specification, it has a minimal look that emphasizes only the difference in the texture of the material.

    ・ Stretchability
    , quick-drying
    , cool contact feeling
    , moisture permeability