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    Alessandro created Bergamask after an evening spent in a tiny Italian village – he attended a town party and was enthralled by the scent in the air. It was hot and thick, the scent of Italian citrus trees wafting through the air, people were dancing with joyous abandon, the scent of sweat filled the air. The disregard for what others think, just the enjoyment of the moment. The traditional dance called Bergamasca originated from the town of Bergamo in Northern Italy. Considered a clumsy, rustic dance, Alessandro wanted to replicate the scent he remembered on that wonderful evening of joie de vivre. Bergamask captures the scent of a hot night – the smell of citrus fruits mingling with a musky undertone of sweat. A fragrance that plays on light and dark, the fresh cleanliness of the citrus with the leather, musky tones and slightly dirty sweat scent. Bergamask has an earthy freshness, it is animalic and quite rich - a citrus that lasts all day.