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    Base Station Charger Walnut

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    Base Station integrates a sleek, modern design with a highly functional charging hub. With 3 high-power charging coils, Base Station can charge 1 or 2 phones wirelessly. There are also two out ports: one USB-A and one USB-C PD with an 18 W output capacity.

    Charges Up to Four Devices

    Base Station Hub provides a central charging station for all your devices. Power your devices however you need - wirelessly, USB-C PD, and USB-A. Base Station Hub's thin, sleek design integrates perfectly on your nightstand and desk.

    Real Walnut Designed with classic walnut, this edition of Base Station integrates beautifully into your home.

    Your Central Hub

    Base Station Hub charges up to 4 devices at once in a central location with minimal cords, keeping you powered at home base.

    Padded Leather Small details are important to us, so we added a padded leather wireless charging surface with a soft finish for your phone to rest on.

    Ultimate Power Delivery With 3 high-power coils, Base Station Hub charges one or two devices simultaneously at up to 10W each. Additionally, a USB-C PD (Power Delivery) port provides 18W out, while the USB-A port provides an additional 7.5W of power.

    Slim, Sleek Design Every detail matters. Nomad have meticulously designed Base Station Hub for aesthetics and performance. With a frame height of one centimeter and a sleek aluminum build, Base Station Hub serves as the premium charging solution for every device.

    Features -

    Made with real Walnut, each one looks unique -

    Charges up to 4 devices simultaneously -

    10W wireless charging for a single device -

    7.5W wireless charging for dual devices -

    USB-A 7.5W port -

    USB-C PD 18W port -

    Padded leather wireless charging surface -

    LED charging indicators -

    Ambient light sensor dims LED's at night -

    AirPods can wirelessly charge with AirPods Wireless Charging Case Specifications -

    3 coils with 10W output per coil -

    USB-A 7.5W port -

    USB-C PD 18W port -

    LED wireless charging indicators -

    Ambient light sensor dims LED's at night -

    Power adapter cord length: 1.5m -

    Supports 100-240V input -

    Wireless Compatibility -

    Works with all Qi enabled devices -

    AirPods can wirelessly charge with AirPods Wireless Charging Case -

    Does not charge Apple Watch wirelessly, but you can use the ports to power your Apple Watch -

    Note: do not charge your phone wirelessly with a steel plate or magnetic back, this may cause rising temperatures and may damage your devices