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    Blamage is Alessandro's mistake, his failure, a disgrace! This fragrance is an unwise and unfortunate creation caused by bad judgment and care. After working on many different creations within the Nasomatto collection, Alessandro would keep all of his 'failures' in one area of his studio. One day smelling the beautiful concoction of all of his 'failures' he actually discovered a treasure as they all blended together to create the most incredible aroma. Recreating the scent of his 'failures', Blamage teaches us to accept ourselves including our faults and our mistakes. Beauty in imperfection. A long and complex recipe, this fragrance is mysterious, sensual, slightly metallic and woody. We get a little element of white floral notes to open with, which leads into a woody, spicy and almost slightly leathery base. An incredibly unique scent!

    Extract 30ml